Important Fall Television Premiere Dates! Bold Your Faves & Reblog!

  • September 7th: Utopia
  • September 7th: Boardwalk Empire 
  • September 16th: New Girl
  • September 16th: The Mindy Project 
  • September 21st: Madam Secretary 
  • September 22nd: Gotham
  • September 22nd: The Big Bang Theory
  • September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow
  • September 23rd: S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • September 23rd: Awkward 
  • September 24th: The Mysteries of Laura 
  • September 24th: Modern Family  
  • September 24th: Nashville
  • September 24th: South Park
  • September 25th: Bones
  • September 25th: Grey’s Anatomy
  • September 25th: Scandal 
  • September 28th: Once Upon a Time
  • September 28th: The Simpsons 
  • September 28th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • September 28th: Family Guy
  • September 28th: Revenge 
  • September 29th: Mom
  • September 29th: Castle 
  • October 1st: Criminal Minds
  • October 2nd: The Vampire Diaries 
  • October 2nd: Bad Judge 
  • October 3rd: America’s Next Top Model
  • October 5th: Bob’s Burgers 
  • October 5th: Homeland
  • October 5th: Mulaney 
  • October 6th: The Originals
  • October 7th: Supernatural 
  • October 8th: Arrow
  • October 8th: American Horror Story: Freak Show
  • October 9th: The Walking Dead 
  • October 22nd: The 100 
  • October 22nd: Web Therapy 
  • October 24: Grimm 
  • October 27: 2 Broke Girls 
  • October 30: Elementary 

Please feel free to add to the list if I missed one of your faves!

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